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Because we know how important it is to feel happy and satisfied about your job or employee

Fast & Easy

Just by swiping right you can apply and start negotiating to hire or getting hired. Swiping left will show you more options compatible to your demand.

Compatibility Analysis

To save your time which is valuable, we have introduced the in compatibility analysis which will suggest you the job or employee that you deserve!


The in app dedicated communication channels provides employers and employees the opportunity to communicate to each other the way they want.

How it work

Finding the best match according to your demand and Communicate in better ways

Swipe Up

See the list of compatible matches to your demand

Swipe Left

Deny and move to more appropriate match

Swipe Right

Swipe right to communicate and negotiate with your match

Swipe Down

Scroll back to revise the listing and find the best

The easy and simple way to explore the community you need. Employees and employers can communicate directly before they hire or get hired. Businesses can also establish a dedicated communication system with their existing and new employees..

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